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Vice President


Hello! My name is Cara Nash Snyder. I reside in the South Hills of Pittsburgh with my husband Jeremy and our two sons, Hansi, 5 and Jesse, 2. We also have our "ol lady lab" Mocha, who is 12.5. Our lives are beautifully messy but full of love.

I joined the board of 412Thrive because I really believed in their mission and their desire to help others thrive during what may be the most difficult time of their lives. 412Thrive goes above and beyond to personalize and cater to the needs of their members. The amount of thought and effort that goes into what each individual needs at the current moment is invaluable. Average or standard does not apply. Sam lives a super busy life, with young children, yet knows exactly what time you are going into chemo on Tuesday and what your favorite scents are. She really gets to know each 412Thrive member on such a personal level. The community and friendships that have evolved since 412Thrive was born is incredible! The connections are real and deep.

I met Sam at a support group for another local organization (YWBCAF) and we instantly became friends. Soon after, she invited me to a super fun, social event at her home. I was diagnosed with early stage TNBC in July of 2018 and then diagnosed with brain metastasis in July of 2019. Sam has been so supportive of my journey and is always there for me during both my high and low points.

When I heard that Sam was starting a non-profit, I was more than excited for her! I knew she would be successful and put her heart and soul into it. I immediately wanted to find ways to help. I believed in Sam and knew her efforts, drive, and passion would turn into something so much bigger. I am so very proud of her!

I provided Sam with 412Thrive's very first monetary donation and supplies for making care packages. Chatting with Sam one night, I helped name the organization and also was able to connect her with a graphic designer to get the logo designed pro bono. For me, it felt so good to be part of something that helps other young Thrivers get through their journeys while feeling supported along the way. I have been so extremely lucky with the amount of support I have been shown since my diagnosis and I really wanted to pay that forward.

Once 412Thrive was official, the universe aligned. I was hanging out with Sam and another Thriver and I asked, “How do I get on the Board” and Sam’s response was “OMG, I was going to ask you tomorrow if you would like to join our Board?!” I am honestly so honored to part of this organization, focusing on Metastatic Outreach.

I plan to help others thrive while living with Stage 4 cancer, so they can continue to live and love each of their days. To help them find resources and connect them with people that understand what they are going through. 412Thrive also supports the families of those with metastatic cancer. We aren’t just a group for those in early stage treatment. We are here to support previvors, survivors, thrivers, caregivers and those grieving the loss of loved ones.

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