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Care Package Contents

412Thrive takes great care in putting together care packages that contain items needed to help recovery and combat unwanted side effects of treatment. There is a reason behind every single item we put in our care packages. 

Chemotherapy care package



Radiation care package


Mastectomy/Reconstruction care package

  • Sleep Again Pillow System -- Every Sleep Again Pillow System Includes two Contoured Side Pillows to cradle back and hips, Upper Body Wedge to create optimal upper body incline, Leg Support Wedge to gently elevate legs, Head Pillow to provide head support and neck mobility, and removable, washable slipcovers for every piece

  • Wedge – This 4 piece wedge can be used on your couch or in your bed. It aids in supporting Thrivers in a slight or fully upright position so that they do not roll onto their belly which could result in damaging their reconstruction or having incisions open. Full instructions on the many ways this wedge can be used are available by clicking the link. 

A note from Sam: My recovery would have been much more tolerable had I had this wedge after my mastectomy and after my latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction. Instead I slept on my couch for 4 weeks and would roll myself off when I had to get up. Going from lying flat to sitting up is a very painful task to achieve after many of these surgeries.

  • Shower chair – Breast cancer surgeries can leave one feeling weak and fatigued. The shower chair is to help prevent falling in the shower after surgery.

A note from Sam; Even after a lumpectomy I felt weak and dizzy when I tried to shower. I had to have someone stay in the bathroom with me while I showered. This shower chair would have allowed me to shower in private.

  • Bath bomb – A bath bomb is given as a suggestion to relax in a bath BEFORE your surgery. It may be a few months or more before you are able to soak in a bath again. So, treat yourself to some alone time.

A note from Sam; I love taking baths. It is one of my favorite ways to relax and treat myself with a bath bomb. I have now had 16 surgeries due to breast cancer and infections. I have lost more pieces of myself than I care to share. And after each of these surgeries I was unable to soak in a bath for quite some time. There was a 2-year period where I couldn’t even look at myself naked. For this reason, I highly suggest that you take your time the week before surgery, to really enjoy your showers and baths, for I am afraid they may never be the same.

  • Mastectomy Pillow – It is often recommended to keep your arms raised because the lymph node removal and mastectomy leave scars in the tender underarm and breast area. Having the mastectomy pillow between your arm and chest can ease the pain of axillary and mastectomy incisions. 

  • AnaOno Rora front closure bra– Upper body movement is very difficult after breast cancer surgery. These front closure bras are easy to wear and help keep everything snug!

  • AnaOno Miena Robe with drain management belt– This soft comfy robe is great to wear while staying in the hospital and for at home care. It comes with a belt and 2 JP drain holders. 

  • Lanyard – The lanyard is to hold your drains while you shower.

  • Pink Pockets – can be attached to any shirt, making every shirt a mastectomy shirt! Pink Pockets will hold your JP drains while you go about your day.

  • Nipples Optional – A memoir about a family and their BRCA journey 

  • Throat Lozenges – Many surgeries can be several hours long and require an individual to be intubated, which can cause irritation and soreness. We recommend a throat lozenge once you are given the ok to eat!

  • Tea – To sooth your throat and ease your tummy.

  • Dry Shampoo – There will be several days between the shower you took before surgery and the first shower you get to take after surgery. And even when you do get to shower, you may be so tired you can’t take the time to wash your hair.

  • Cleansing cloths – for use to clean yourself without getting a shower

  • 412Thrive cup and straw – for easy drinking while you are recovering

  • 412Thrive Blanket – to keep you warm

  • Chapstick and hand lotion – for use at the hospital

  • Snacks – because well, who doesn’t like snacks?

Chemotherapy Care Package
Radiation Care Package
Mastectomy/Reconstruction Care Package
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