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We wish to thank our families, friends, and sponsors who have provided invaluable support to 412Thrive and our mission.

We would love you to join this list. Click the button to donate. Please let us know in the "add a note" portion of PayPal if your donation is in honor of, or in memory of, a loved one who experienced breast cancer or genetic mutation that can lead to cancer. 100% of financial donations fund items for care packages, meals for those undergoing treatment, and supplies for Thriver events.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Platinum  $10,000 +

Sam and Anne Rockwell



Gold  $5,000 - $9,999 

Samantha and Marc Moatz

Usher Family Charitable Foundation

Sleep Again Pillows


Silver  $2,500 - $4,999

Janette Gomez, D.O.

Hawk Volkswagen

Bronze  $1,000 – $2,499

American Income Life Insurance Company

John Bachman

Bombash & Earley

Raye J. Budway, MD

Beverly and Mike Cwalina

Arlene Kray

Maitri Medicinals

Marc Manfre*

401 Concord


Steel  $500 - $999


Wendy Kreitz

Big Fish Cares

John Myers

Cynthia Mitchell

K & J’s Complete Woman


Benefactors  < $500

Sara Ahrens In honor of Sophie Holland

Kristin Allosso In honor of Keri DiMarco

Susan Alvarez

Alexander Andres

Christine Anthou

Fran Basil

Erika Bernhard In honor of Stef, Jonna, and Julie

Becky Brandt In honor of Nancy Guzan

Bailey Brassell

Melanie Berry In honor of all women battling

Elsa Biddle

Deborah Bigos

Joanna Bigos

Leah Blasso

Beth Cahill - Bethie Boobs

Carmela Breslin

Rebecca Broderick

Elizabeth Brownlee

Carol Burlikowski

Lynn Calgelia

Roseann Carlin In honor of Amy Zanke

Christina Casciato

Case Handlers Distributors*

Corrine Chernich

Barbara and Garrett Clarke

Samantha Colaizzi

Coldwell Banker Realty Shadyside

Josephine Conley In honor of Samantha Moatz

Susan Conley In honor of Kristie Keller

Diane Crossey

Carol Davelli and Deanna Nemec

Lindsay Davis

Stephanie Deible In memory of Emily

Brenda Dhayer In honor of Tracy Mueller

Keri DiMarco

Rosemary DiMarco

Sarah DiMatteo

Karin DiNapoli In honor of Keri DiMarco

Dollar Bank

Stephany Dresh

Wanda Dyett

Justine Egan-Kunicki

Lindsay Weichler Ferko In honor of Lauren Breslin

Kevin Flaherty

Brandon Flythe

Holly and John Fogle

Abbey Foster

Alexa Foster

Lynne Froehlich In honor of Tracy Mueller

Glen Graves

Terrie Greene

Alexandra Gruskos

Elaine Gunderson

Lori Holt

Michael Howard

Bessie Jones

Fran Jones

Sara Jones In honor of Emily Baehr

Melissa Kandcer

Corey Kelly

Connie Kerr

Vanessa Klapper

Erin and Tyler Koryak In honor of Lauren Breslin

David Kost

Kearsten Kreitz

Jason Krimsky

Adrienne Kurtanich In memory of Raelene Lauer

Joe and Lylea Latham

Lori and Derek Latham and the twins

Desiree Leaver

Karen Lee

RAIN Lehman

Patrick Lemon In honor of Brittany Jackson

Sandra Leprie

Jodi Lesniakowski

Jennifer Lingler

Linda Liotus

The Lynch Family

Sherri Macierowski In honor of Tracy Mueller

Kristen Marchak In honor of Cara Nash Snyder “Wonder Woman”

Amy Martin

The Martorella Family

Rob Mason

Amy Matthews In honor of Melanie Berry

Amber McCann

Alexandra McCluskey In honor of Donna Kutchins

Kasey McComb

Angela Meinert

Dana Mislan

Keith and Deb Moatz

Elizabeth Mogan

Diane Moser

Brian Moser

The Mozer Family

Jim Muller In honor of Amy Zanke

Kelly Nash

Mandy Newport

Jody and Ron Nowry

Dana Nye

The Obranovich Family


Caitlin Pacelli

Jennifer Palka In honor of Tracy Mueller & In memory of Laurie Bermel & Sharon McDermott

Donna Palumbo-Miele

Helen Parenti

Pampered Chef - Amy Chess

Jack Polce In honor of Liz Smith

Craig Poulos

Cheryl Pitzer

Pam Powanda

Printing Services Unlimited*

Frank and Melanie Randolph


Keri Rearick

Jay Reeves

Rachel Reichart

Erika Rich

Caroline Roberts

Allison Ruber

Brieanne Russo

Brad Saul In honor of Tracy Mueller

Colleen Schlesinger

Mela Schlesinger

Kayla Schmader

Angie Schneider

Sarah Sennet

The Shearon Family

Chad Smith In honor of Liz Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Jon and Lee Smith

Cara Snyder

Hansi Snyder In honor of his Mom, Cara Snyder

Paulette Staub

Patricia Stough

Joseph Stumpf

Gladys M. Tokay

Jessica Tokay

Sandy Tengler

The Turcan Families


Jon Wadman

Jade Walker

Liz Ward

Elizabeth Weres

Brandon and Katie Whitfield

Erica Nash Wills In honor of Cara Nash Snyder

Brittani Williamson

Lauren Wilson

Lee Zamborsky

Amy Zanke

Joyce Zanke In honor of Amy Zanke

David & Kelly Davis, Caitlin Davis & Bailey Underwood, Chelsea & Mike Chizewick In memory of Susan Douglas

* Indicates Pro Bono, In-Kind, Donated Goods or Services

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