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Amanda McMaster

It was always so important to me to get genetic testing because my sister was diagnosed and passed away from breast cancer at such a young age. She left behind so much and that wasn’t something I wanted to do to my family. When she was diagnosed she wasn’t tested for genetic mutations. I fought for years and years to get genetic testing done. I had switched my OB-GYN’s and I finally found someone who would order it for me. A couple months later I got the call that I was positive for a genetic mutation called Chek2. From that moment, my mind was made up of what I wanted to do. I was getting closer to the age that my sister was diagnosed and I was terrified. I had a husband and a baby at home. I met with a breast surgeon and then with a plastic surgeon. A few months later I went and had a mastopexy and then a few months after that I had my double mastectomy with reconstruction with my family and friends being the biggest support system. Being included in 412Thrive is so rewarding in so many ways. There is always someone there to listen or to talk to. I am so blessed to have found 412Thrive. Now that I’m in this journey with them, I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

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