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Kellie Hill

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2021, 6 months after having my son. I had gone to the doctor because I felt things weren’t healing quite right “down there.” They did a full blown exam and checked my boobies as well. She felt something and fluffed it off. Two weeks later I went back because my husband encouraged me to. This doctor decided to send me for some imaging…In September 2021 I started chemotherapy (and fully embraced the bald for Halloween-see photo on next slide), and in January I started radiation and finished in February 2022. I am also BRCA2 positive so I will have a few more surgeries. Cancer has FLIPPED life upside down, but is also one of my biggest blessings. I have met the most wonderful people and seen how much kindness there is in the world. I didn’t want any support groups because I wanted to handle it and move on. Then, I found the right group. I joined 412Thrive just a week ago and already love it. These are my people! I am learning to be PROUD of fighting this, and PROUD to be a Thriver. Also, my wig girl is magical.

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