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Sarah Sennett-Jones

Hello, my name is Sarah Sennett-Jones. I am a fertility nurse, married to the love of my life, and a dog mom to two beautiful pups.

At age 26, the last thing you expect to hear are the words “you have cancer”. I felt the lump on a Tuesday, had an ultrasound/mammogram that Thursday, biopsy on Monday, then got the worst call of my life on the following Thursday. Within a week my life was turned upside down. This all happened 3 months before Matthew and I were supposed to get married. I went from wedding planning mode to fight mode.

My cancer was estrogen and progesterone positive, but was very aggressive. When faced with the option of preserving my fertility or moving forward with chemo, knowing it may easily destroy any chances of starting a family. We chose to start treatment. My oncologist agreed it was the best choice, because of how aggressive the cells were. So on August 7th 2020, 3 days before my 27th birthday I started my first chemo. Fast forward to November 6th 2020 - half way done with chemo, sitting in that chair when I should’ve been walking down the aisle crushed me. But in the midst of a pandemic and having cancer we decided to postpone our wedding. I had 16 rounds of chemo and it was some nasty stuff. With the help of my now husband, family, friends, co workers, and the Thrive tribe, I pushed through.

On January 5th 2021 I got to ring that bell.

When I walked into Magee that day I was surprised by some of the fellow thrivers. They had a huge sign and music playing. This group of warriors inspires me every day. We are all fighting our own battles (even years after treatments have ended) but come together, to provide love and support for one another. I am so grateful for this group and the friends I have made. Some of those friends were unfairly robbed of the beautiful lives they deserved. I hold Rae and Erika in my heart, and will continue to tell their stories of how they have impacted so many others like me. As much as I wish we all did not have to of have met, I feel beyond blessed to be surrounded by the amazing women of this group. Thank you, Sam, for bringing us together.

After chemo was surgery and radiation. On February 8th 2021 I got the call that I had a complete response to chemo. My husband and I celebrated my one year of remission by hiking almost 40 miles of National/state parks by Vegas. We got married September 10th 2021, and plan on spending our lives celebrating everything we can and living it to the fullest. Life is fragile, we just want to make the best of it. That is the one and only thing I will thank cancer for. Giving me the motivation to be sure I am living the best life possible, and never holding back. We are also in the process of becoming foster parents!

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