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Annual Wellness Retreat

412Thrive Wellness Retreat – where Thrivers come to experience the healing they deserve.

412Thrive’s Wellness Retreat is a free, weekend long, overnight camp experience designed to help improve the overall wellbeing of our Thrivers. To be held at Camp T Frank Soles over a weekend of September 19th - 22nd, 2024.

100 Thrivers will sleep in cabins with indoor amenities and each cabin will have a leader whose responsibility is to make everyone feel secure, safe, and included. We are certain many friendships will be formed.

Self-care can be hard to prioritize for anyone, add the stress of cancer treatment, the amount of time it consumes, the financial hardships it can bring about, and self-care can begin to feel out of reach. 412Thrive is here to make self-care a reality for our community.

Thrivers will enjoy a weekend of personal development, wellness and mindfulness workshops, therapy, and of course some of the classic overnight camp activities.

This retreat will equip our Thrivers with the self-confidence and knowledge to advocate for the care and resources they need.

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

There are a variety of sponsorship levels available. In return for your sponsorship support, you will receive social media and printed recognition throughout the event, and more! Email us for more information.

What the Retreat Means to our Thrivers

"The 412Thrive wellness retreat was such an amazing, magical, inspiring adventure. Meeting so many friends of all different ages and stages in their journey with breast cancer really helped me to feel part of a community.  I gained so much knowledge about the struggles that all survivors go through and productive ways to manage pesky side effects. Having people who understand what you are going through and have walked in your shoes is often overlooked, but for me is an integral part of thriving." 

"This was one of the most powerful, therapeutic environment that I have had the opportunity to experience. The sessions were in general very cathartic and the connection with cabin mates was immediate  and very supportive. It was an amazing experience!"

"That it was great to connect with others like me and to have a little getaway and that it is free to attend!"

"This retreat was so therapeutic. Despite not knowing many women personally at the start- the bond makes relationships blossom in minutes. To be surrounded by people who "get it" is so beneficial. It is honestly the best event I never knew I needed!" 

"I truly feel this was a worth while event. I am the mother of a child who was diagnosed very young with breast cancer.  And I don't know any other family who has gone through this nightmare. Knowing other families going through the same nightmare makes you feel not so alone. Telling my story and maybe helping the next family go through this with a little less stress was worth it. Because feeling alone is not a place anyone benefits from. "  

"This retreat is proof that deep healing can happen in less than 48 hours."

"The 412Thrive Wellness Retreat was a perfect weekend away with my breast cancer thriver's. This weekend away allowed us to listen to speakers about different health topics covering everything from how MMJ can ease our pains to how we can spice up our sexual lives to coping with survivor's guilt. It also included some fun activities that everyone seemed to enjoy. We decorated our cabins in various themes, got creative and made various art projects, sang karaoke, enjoyed some campfire time while making s'mores, and enjoyed the outdoors. The rain definitely did not stop us from having a great weekend!"

"The 412Thrive retreat gave me an opportunity to meet new women who fully understand my challenges which others do not. The multitude of events and speakers helped me understand I’m not alone in my feelings. Just an amazing weekend that I’m blessed to of had the opportunity to attend." 

Wellness Retreat Sponsors

We're looking for Wellness Retreat sponsors!

Email us at for more information.

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