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Become a Thriver

Who can become a Thriver? Those diagnosed with breast cancer or a genetic mutation in the southwestern Pennsylvania area. We welcome all ages, all stages.

As 412Thrive seeks to serve you, we need to gather pertinent information to be able to personalize care and to create Thriver events that will address your interests. Your response will help us personalize your care and meet your family’s needs, when required. All your information will remain private. We will never share personal information. General information (for example, number of women/men involved, geographic areas served, age ranges, or types of cancer) may be used to help us secure funding and resources for the organization. Individuals must complete the membership form to be eligible for 412Thrive services or to attend or participate in events. Please do not fill out this form for someone else.


To sign up to become a Thriver, click here.

Join Our Facebook Group

412Thrive has a members only facebook page where Thrivers can go to ask questions, share stories, receive advice, celebrate milestones, and so much more. Whether it is 6pm and you have a mastectomy question, or 2am and you can't seem to stop crying, someone is always here for you. This is a safe space where any question can be asked and any news can be shared with individuals who have been there and understand. The fourth Tuesday of each month, we host a virtual 'Happy Hour' with the goal "come as you are, leave happier." Virtual peer-to-peer support ensures that every Thriver has access to the social interaction they need. We also post about our social gatherings and local resources.

This group is for local Thrivers only. A Thriver is anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or a genetic mutation that leads to breast cancer. We are for all ages and all stages. From Previvor to Metastatic, our Tribe is here to support you. Click here, to join the Facebook group. You will need to answer the group questions to be admitted into the group.

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