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Self Breast Exam

Know your normal

Many of our Thrivers have discovered their own cases of cancer because they noticed something unusual in their bodies. Here are two important tools that can truly save lives through early detection.

Let's start with a breast self-exam. It's a simple yet powerful way to check for any changes in your breasts. Get to know the proper technique and make it a regular habit. Also, familiarize yourself with the signs of breast cancer so you can recognize any warning signals.


By making #FeelItOnTheFirst a part of your routine, you prioritize your health and increase your chances of catching any potential issues early on.

Breast Self Exam

Breast Self-exam

Self Breast Exam Flyer.png

Breast cancer signs

Signs of Breast Cancer Flyer.png

If you would like to have our self breast exam flyers in your office, please contact Sam at

Breast Cancer Signs

Know Your Normal Billboards


We want to thank Steel City Billboards for their part in 412Thrive’s early detection education program. These billboards will be displayed every first of the month to remind EVERYONE, men and women of all ages, to do a self breast exam and know your normal. 


You can see our digital billboards in Verona, Mt. Lebanon, Shaler, and Castle Shannon.

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